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Wii Nunchuk
Our Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $14.99
You save $5.00!

The Wii Nunchuk is your secondary Wii controller
Use a Nunchuk when you need two hands to play - for example when boxing

Official Wii Steering Wheel
Our Price: $14.99

The Official Wii Wheel transforms the Wii Remote controller into a steering wheel
For use with Mario Kart and other racing games

(Intended for use with a Wii Remote - Sold Separately)

Wii Motion Plus
Our Price: $19.99

Simple. Intuitive. Easy to use. Connect the Wii MotionPlus™ accessory to your Wii Remote™ controller to increase accuracy and enhance play control on compatible games. Look on the back of Wii Game Disc packaging to see which games are specially designed for use with Wii MotionPlus. Wii MotionPlus contains additional sensors that make the Wii Remote respond to the slightest movement, motion, or twist of the wrist. Wii MotionPlus must be used with a Wii Remote, which is sold separately. Includes an extended length cover skin.
Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy (includes Motion-Tracking Camera)
Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy (includes Motion-Tracking Camera)
Our Price: $69.99
Sale Price: $29.99
You save $40.00!

Your Shape is the first fitness game that comes with a camera peripheral included inside the box. Featuring Ubisoft's proprietary Body Tracking technology, the game scans your body and then project the image onto the TV, creating a personalized and interactive workout.

Based on your specific body shape analysis, fitness level and personal goals, Your Shape is able to recommend the workout program that is best suited for you. The game also features a virtual coach that provides verbal and visual feedback on all of your movements, ensuring that each minute invested achieves maximum results. Always by your side, the coach motivates you to reach your goals. Best of all, Your Shape allows you to get these benefits without holding a controller, leaving your hands free to incorporate any equipment that you may already own, without any excess bands or straps. The camera and Body Tracking technology follow your progress, showing you the tangible results of your hard work.
Wii Remote
Our Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $38.99
You save $1.00!

The Wii Remote is your primary Wii controller. A standard Wii system comes with 1 remote. Purchase these additional remotes to play with more players at the same time. Add up to 3 additional remotes so that 4 people can play tennis simultaneously, for example.  Includes a removable silicone glove for added grip and safety.
Mario Kart with Official Steering Wheel
Our Price: $54.99
Sale Price: $49.99
You save $5.00!

Mario Kart Game for Wii with Official Wii Steering Wheel

Mario and his friends are back and ready to race once again in Mario Kart Wii! Experience new tracks, enhanced Wii graphics, extraordinary gameplay and much more!

EA Sports Active
Our Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $54.99
You save $5.00!

  • Engage in fitness made easy through 20 minute circuits featuring a variety of familiar activities that target upper body, lower body, and cardio fitness.
  • Benefit from the guidance, motivation, and training tips of your very own virtual personal trainer.
  • Multiple tailor made workouts that change as you progress each day, and track calories intensity and progress.
  • Includes Game, Nunchuck Strap, and Resistance Band. Fully compatible with the Wii Fit Balance Board
Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Dance Party 3 with Dance Mat
Our Price: $69.99

The perennial favorite dancing game returns to the Wii. Dance dance and dance.
This game includes a dance mat that senses your steps